Humble minion (humbleminion) wrote,
Humble minion

Bechdel testosterone

I have officially decided that the next Avengers movie (or Iron Man, Captain America, or whatever spin-off-thingy) desperately needs more female characters. Give us Madame Hydra, or Mockingbird, or Miss Marvel, or the Enchantress, or more of Sif or Maria Hill, or all of the above. (Probably not the Wasp or Tigra, cos filmed in live-action they'd look too silly for words, and you can't do Wasp without Ant-Man and that guy annoys me.) But just give us SOMETHING, cos the whole drowning-in-Y-chromosomes thing is a bit ridiculous - and frankly, I'm sick of scrolling past pages and pages of slash trying to find some worthwhile fic to read!

On a related matter, John Scalzi might be really cool and accessible and have a funky blog, but jeez the way he writes women in his long-form prose creeps me the hell out. Redshirts is bad enough, in which the only female character's only narrative purpose is to sleep with a guy (and steal his pants, in an admittedly very funny running joke), but Agent to the Stars is just fucking horrifying. And I'm normally completely, masculinely oblivious to this stuff (until it was pointed out to me, I didn't even NOTICE the stuff that makes gamerchick barf blood and angry weasels whenever R Scott Bakker is mentioned), but after finishing this book I had to go take a shower. Yeeg.
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