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The Walrus will not symphathise

A world that does not exist

Humble minion
27 April 1977
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afl, al-andalus, al-qadim, alhambra, alternate history, arabian nights, archaeology, arguing about morality, arguing about politics, arguing about religion, australia, australian frozen zoo, blackadder, buffy, bush tucker, cheese, china mieville, clambering up mountains, cooking, creationist idiocy, cryptozoology, css, culture wars, curry, cynicism, d&d, d20, dagon, daintree, danger mouse, daria, dark sun, dasyurids, data visualisation, demogorgon, discworld, dogs, don simon ysidro, dropkick murphys, early laurell k hamilton, ecology, environmentalism, essendon, evolution, evolutionary philosophy, fantasy, farscape, fencing, fishing, fitness, footrot flats, foreign opinions of australia, futurism, garbage, gaslamp fantasy, gene banking, genre bending, george r r martin, gilmore girls, girl genius, global warming, grampians, guy gavriel kay, gym, halo, harry potter, help for wildlife, history, hot weather, impending doom, interesting cover versions, iron chef, jack the ripper, jane austen, janissaries, jasper fforde, java, kayaking, kim newman, les miserables, lindsey davis, loch ness monster, lotr, machiavelli, mamelukes, marcus didius falco, megafauna, military history, monty python, murray cod, mutants and masterminds, mythology, netball, nihilism, old school wh40k fluff, order of the stick, pain, paleontology, pathfinder, php/mysql, physiotherapy, pizza, politics, programming, ravenloft, rehabilitation, roleplaying, roman empire, savage tide, sawney beane, sci-fi, scotland, sea monsters, sepulchrave's story hour, sluggy freelance, solitude, spain, spicy food, star wars, steampunk, steven erikson, summer, supersizers, swrpg, symfony, tac cup, tea party, tengri, terry pratchett, the denialist phenomenon, the goodies, the outback, the tapdancing cockroaches, thunderstorms, tori amos, tragic inevitability, travel, v:tm, victoriana, vindaloo, vorkosigan, wallace and gromit, wildlife rescue, wod, wombats, writing, wwii history, yeenoghu, yog-sothothery